BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, 6 March 2019 – V2H International (V2HI), a world leader in innovative vertical-to-horizontal jetting technologies, today announced the successful deployment of a world first steerable radial jetting system in an active oil well in Texas, USA, by V2H USA, a subsidiary of V2HI.

V2H USA exited the existing production casing and successfully jetted four new laterals to horizontal trajectories using the proprietary measure whilst drilling (MWD) and steering technology to define and control the required well path within the production zone. The western Texas oil bearing formation provided some geological challenges and the aim of the project was to improve overall well production by placing new laterals using radial drilling.

Chief Technology Officer of V2H International, Scott Adam, hailed the project success “The reliability of the MWD data and steerability of the system was a good test of the application of the V2H system for existing oil & gas wells. I look forward to further demonstrating the MWD and steerability on the next wells we have planned for Advantagewon Oil Corp. in March 2019.”